Best Practices

Best Practice Examples from around the World

Disused industrial sites are often seen as symbolic landmarks for structural change and decline. But in case of a successful revitalisation, they can also be the drivers of transformative change towards a more sustainable economy. These examples from around the world showcase the variety of revitalisation pathways in different regional contexts.

While there are manifold cases of brownfield revitalisation, this collection takes into focus examples that promote a green structural change, e.g. by developing or adopting technologies for the provision of renewable energy and the decarbonisation of the economy, by addressing resource scarcity and tackling regional challenges.

These examples differ in shape and size, locational contexts, their actor constellations, and objectives. What they have in common is such revitalisation of the disused site that creates economic value while addressing sustainability challenges.

This collection of good practice examples can serve as a source of inspiration for the regional partners and the interested public.