RIS4Danu Interim Regional Report published

We are happy to share the official RIS4Danu Interim Regional Report, which presents and discusses a summary of six regional analyses conducted in the frame of the first half of the RIS4Danu project. The report offers information on each region’s assets, challenges and several transformative opportunities that guide the revitalisation of disused industrial sites in the Danube macro area.

RIS4Danu Interim Regional Report

The report outlines the methodology underlying the regional analyses conducted in the first half of the project. This includes the conceptual underpinnings as well as information on the methods used. Second, it summarises the results of the quantitative and qualitative regional analyses of six RIS4Danu regions (Lower Austria, Scharzwald-Baar-Heuberg, Ústi nad Labem, Hajdé-Bihar, Banská Bystrica, and Podravje), which served as the basis for our EDP workshops. After a detailed discussion of each of the six regions, the report ends with a short discussion of preliminary key findings from a cross-regional comparison.