Entrepreneurial Discovery Workshops in Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

The third stop on our RIS4Danu EDP workshop tour was in the Hajdú-Bihar County, Hungary (28.-31.03.2023). The two workshops aimed at identifying transformative roadmaps for the revitalisation of two sites, the former Hemp Mill in Komádi and the Kassai Hall in Debrecen.

The former Hemp Mill, situated on the southern edge of Hajdú-Bihar County, was closed in 1992 due to declining demand. Currently, the site is owned by a construction company, Generálép, and used as a warehouse for storage. In a preparatory call, the owners indicated their interest in diversifying the company and using the site for new production activities. The location of the former hemp mill, close to a small river and with access to a railway line, presents opportunities for new activities, such as biogas production. During the workshop, with the help of a diverse group of stakeholders, a number of alternative transformational goals (TGs) were developed and three of them analysed in more detail. Ultimately, the site owners decided to “restart hemp production at the Hemp Mill of Komadi deriving modern products with modern technology”.

The Kassai Hall, formerly the local plant of the Hungarian Roller Bearing Factory in Debrecen, was privatised in 1996 and closed in 2013. The site is now owned by Dryvit Profi Ltd., a company active in business development in the construction sector. The site consists of a three-story office building and a big industrial hall. The owners are seeking new ideas for a subsequent use of the site, as the previously planned high-standard office-building project was halted due to COVID-19 and new ways of thinking about offices. The structure is in good condition, and electricity and gas are available at high standards. The owners are aware of local heritage protection, which must be taken into account in the external design. In the workshop, a number of new ideas for the transformation of Kasai Hall have been developed. Of the three transformational goals analysed in detail, the most promising was an “Energy Storage and management Hub” used for the development of solutions for energy storage, from research through experimental solutions to implementation and management.

In conclusion, the RIS4Danu EDP workshops provided valuable insights into the potential for the revitalisation of the former hemp mill in Komádi and the Kassai Hall in Debrecen and developed a number of new, innovative ideas in close connection to the local economy. The workshops identified transformative goals for both sites and highlighted opportunities for new activities and fresh ideas. The owners of both sites are following up on the new proposals including the transformational goals for their respective properties. Further stakeholders from the workshop assured their support for the next steps in the direction of a smart and sustainable future.

A workshop summary can be found on the website of our regional partner Hajdú-Bihar County Government (in Hungarian). Click here.

In May (10.-11.05.2023), our team ran a third workshop in Hajdú-Bihar at the Milk Powder Plant Berettyóújfalu. Workshop participants identified two potential transformation goals for the disused plant, including a sustainable packaging production site based on circular economy.