RIS4Danu S4 Concept

Building on the evolving academic and policy debate on Smart Specialisation and sustainable development, the below report, authored by Michaela Trippl, Simon-Baumgartinger-Seiringer, Veronika Desch, Sebastian Fastenrath, Balasz Pager (all University of Vienna), outlines our ideas for what a future approach for Sustainable Smart Specialisation (S4) may look like and which role initiatives such as green revitalised industrial sites can play in applying S4.

RIS4Danu_Outline of S4 Methodology

The RIS4Danu S4 concept outlined in this report was presented to the project’s Advisory Board (AB) in June 2022. Considering the valuable feedback from the AB, the concept was further developed and eventually discussed with experts and representatives of the regional partner organisations at the RIS4Danu “Vienna Conference” in September 2022.