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The RIS4DANU Project

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A Horizon Europe project with the aim to facilitate social-sustainable-technological transition in Danube regions through the revitalization of disused industry sites.


About us

Project & Objectives

The RIS4Danu project seeks to elaborate strategic business development plans for the re-opening of 21 disused industrial sites in the Danube Macro-Region, an area that stretches from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

Project Partners

The RIS4Danu project relies on a solid consortium of seasoned partners who have a long history of collaboration and reached a high-level of mutual trust. The participating leading organizations and the associated local support partners and regional authorities and owners of disused industrial sites have been selected for their unique abilities to respond to the project’s specific challenges.

Advisory Board

Work of the RIS4Danu project is accompanied by a high-level Advisory Board, which provides current knowledge, critical thinking and analysis to the project.

0Local Communities
0Disused Sites


Podravje – Maribor, Slovenia


Styrian Technology Park (STP) & Regional Development Agency Podravje – Maribor


Maribor is the administrative capital of the Slovenian second largest region (Podravje).

Nord-Est region, Romania


RDA Nord Est, City Hall of Slănic-Moldova, Moinesti Municipality


The North-Est Region is the largest development region in Romania, having two strong economic sectors, namely services and the manufacturing industry.

Usti Region, Czech Republic


Regional Office of the Ústí Region (Krajský úřad Ústeckého kraje) & icuk - Usti Innovation Center (Inovační centrum Ústeckého kraje)


The Usti region is traditionally industrial region facing challenge of decarbonisation, especially in the coalmining and chemistry industries.

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